In English

Hello, my name is Ramona van Bakkum. I am a pedagogical supervisor and a Children’s book illustrator. Since five years I’ve also been teaching children how to draw. If you like to see my work, please take a look at my website.

At Kunstmug (art mosquito) each lesson has a different theme. The lesson starts with a directed drawing. I will draw an image on my IPad which is synchronized with a big screen on the wall. Step by step the drawing is made and the children will copy each step on their paper and together we build up the image. After that, everyone finishes their drawing like they choose to. There will be all sorts of material available (e.g. colouring pencils / crayons / markers / watercolors).

The second half of the lesson there is time to make your own drawing. Preferably it has something to do with the theme although I’m not very strict about that. For instance; if the theme is “holiday” and someone feels like drawing a dinosaur… Then I will try to encourage to draw a dinosaur who is planning to go to the swimming pool, a dinosaur at a campsite, on a plane or something like that. Just use your imagination!

There are lightpads and illustrations to trace, which is good for the fine motor skills and to learn how an illustration is build up. For some children it’s a very safe way to draw as it almost can’t go wrong and they get a quick result.

At “De Kunstmug” we are very relaxed. As it is an after school activity you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and almost everything is allowed. Please don’t be afraid your drawing skills aren’t good enough. We are together because we just love to draw and every time you practice you will get better at it! That’s how it worked for me too; I once started to draw every day, and now I am a children’s book illustrator. If you want to join the course please fill in the contact form. Hope to see you in art class!

Kind regards,

Ramona van Bakkum